An initiative to support bars and restaurants affected by Covid-19

Cash awards of 8,00,000

and Stock support

supported by

working with the community

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all our lives, businesses, and for a lot of us working in the hospitality industry, our very livelihoods into a possible meltdown.

It almost feels like a fictional sci-fi thriller we are watching come alive. 

But, we're in this together and we will come out of this together. 

This initiative is an honest attempt from us to support the industry and the community in a little way that we can. Apart from financial support, we're also creatively engaging the enormous bar talent in the country.   


a league of its own



The league starts with 40 bars and restaurants. Based on tasks, the league moves forward with 20, then to 10 and finally the winner and runners up. 




100% CASH AND STOCKs SUPPORT raised go towards the league

We are absolutely transparent about the support from partners. Svami does not keep a single rupee or any stocks that our partners have graciously pledged towards this initiative.

You're welcome to buy us a drink later though!


Stock support

for all 40 participants

5 Cases of tonics/ginger ale from Svami

1 Case of Hoegaarden

1 Bottle of Beefeater

1 Bottle of Hennessy / Glenmorangie / Belvedere / Chandon from Moet Hennessy India

8,00,000 in



Top 10 bars & restaurants win





















+ ₹50,000 Award in round one

Co-create a limited edition ginger ale

We weren't kidding about using your creative talents. Top 7 teams get to work with us on a ginger ale expression and we will make a special batch with the winning team.


23rd April

24th April

26th April

1st May

5th May

9th May

14th May

Registrations open

Registrations close

40 participants announced for task #1

20 shortlisted participants for task #2

10 shortlisted participants for task #3

7 shortlisted participants for task #4

Winners & runners up announced

A digital-first league still requires communication beyond texts.

Get ready for a few hours of video interaction with team Svami and brand ambassadors of partner brands! 

RULES and regulations

We've kept things simple because we have too many rules ourselves. No, we will not make you forcefully stock Svami, and we will not ask for the world from you.

Please have a look at the rules and terms in this pdf.

Its important that you do!


Our Partners


Svami always mixes with good spirits and there's no better time for us to do that in support of the industry. This initiative is possible because of our partners and it's heartening to see everyone huddle together.  


Meet the Jury

Shatbhi Basu

Someone who needs no introduction, Shatbhi has been a consultant, a journalist and a mentor to countless people in the industry.

She has also been awarded by the President of India and the Ministry of Women and Child Development for being India's first woman bartender.

Ariijit Bose

Co-founder Lover’s rum, Bar back collective, Arijit's evolving career path spanning across 15 years started with a Hotel Management degree in Mumbai followed by stints at nightclubs and bars. He was the Head Bartender at 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore and has previously also been the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Monkey 47.

Karina Aggarwal

Founder-Director of Gigglewater Beverage Concepts Pvt Ltd, Karina is a writer, educator and consultant in the space of alcobev. Through the 'Gigglewater411' online portals she shares fun, informative and quirky beverage-themed content.
Most recently, she operated in the role of India Brand Advocate for Monkey 47.


Nikhil Merchant

Nikhil Merchant is a food writer and gourmet consultant from Mumbai. His transition from gourmand to gastronome over the past decade is with a dedicated focus on the Art & Science of fine cooking and bartending. A Brand Evangelist for Hennessy, his current passion project is his restaurant ‘Imli’ in Los Angeles where he resides.

Kunal Chandra

A food and beverage nerd currently masquerading as the Bar Community Manager at Pernod Ricard India. His journey thus far has taken from studying food culture in Italy to working with the award winning restaurant - Toast & Tonic, from training to be the country’s first Jameson Whiskey ambassador to travelling across the country whilst training the F&B fraternity and creating drinks experiences across the biggest events in India!

Aneesh Bhasin

Aneesh co-founded Svami to create a portfolio of premium aerated beverages in the country, starting with mixers.

An all round bon vivant, he loves good food, drinks and cigars.

He was worked extensively in the f&b industry and has previously also published over 500 articles on wines, beers and spirts. 

registration closed

Shortlist of 40 teams will be announced on 26 April on our Instagram @svamidrinks

About svami


We are a progressive drinks company. How so? We launched the country's first premium and natural tonic waters. We launched low sugar options, flavors and now the new 3 Cal tonic.


We work closely with a lot of bars and restaurants, and if we have not interacted yet, hope that changes now!


You can also get in touch with our us on or +91 7045252700. Our brand ambassadors can also work with you on special menus which can offer your guests a great experience and generate more revenue for you.

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